Porch transformation

A few months ago a friend of mine was telling me about her newest Pinterest obsession, the She Shed.  I’d never heard of this new trend and she happily showed me many pins of gorgeous sheds filled with sheers and cushions and inviting colours that you could easily imagine spending hours just sitting in.

I was hooked.  I’d been thinking about our back porch and how something needed to be done with it.  My Husband has been working hard on our basement and I needed my own little project to claim.  I decided that the porch was a project that I could really enjoy and hopefully spend very little money on.

I spend a lot of time in our back porch from Spring until Fall.  It’s a small space but fits nicely a few pieces of mismatched furniture that we scrounged up from other places in the house.


I knew I needed to start with the rug and window coverings.  It was a lot of blue for my taste and I felt like everything just kind of blended in together.  I also hate blinds, especially beige blinds.   I kept my eye out for sales and luckily the timing was perfect as most stores were starting to have end of season sales.  I found a grey indoor outdoor rug on sale for half price and a couple of pairs of simple curtain sheers on clearance.  I picked up a few basic curtain rods and for a total of $80.00 I was off to a great start.

Next up was the furniture itself.  The table was our old kitchen table that I bought at a used furniture store for $40.00 two years ago.  But, in oak wood, it didn’t give the She Shed vibe I was looking for.  After some research, I decided to paint it using Americana satin paint in beige.  I’m not great at painting and it seemed the easiest furniture paint I found to work with.  Also, it’s readily available at my local craft store that I happened to have a 50% off coupon for.  I gave the table a light sanding and wipe down and then quickly got to work.


As promised, it went on quick and easy.  I did struggle at the beginning finding the right brush.  At first I used a soft bristle brush I bought at the craft store, but It left a lot of streaks.  I dug through my craft bin and found a sponge style brush and it worked much better.  Two coats covered the entire table nicely and I finished it off with three coats of Americana acrylic varnish in satin.  This little project cost only $15.00 thanks to the coupons I had for the paints.

Next I moved onto the love seat.  This is one of my favourite pieces that was actually an outdoor metal glider set that was left behind from the previous owner.  Originally I just bought outdoor cushions to place upon it and ignored the hunter green paint of the metal, but that just wouldn’t do for this porch makeover.  I dragged it outside, scrubbed it slightly with a wire brush and gave it a few coats using Tremclad spray paint in white.  It took two cans of spray paint to cover (which may have just been because I’m a terrible spray painter) which ended up costing a total of $16.00.


Lastly I found a beige candle for my candle holder and an extra white fan we had in storage.  Putting it all together, I may have actually sighed once I had everything all set up.  It’s not a She Shed in the traditional sense, but it’s perfect for me.

The entire project cost $111.00 which was a great price to spend on a space that I spend so much time in.  Coffee in the mornings really does taste better in a pretty porch.

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