2019 Disney Parks Moms Panel!

disney sign

If you’re a Disney Loving Mom like I am, then you know that the application for the 2019 Disney Parks Moms Panel is happening this week.  I’ve been waiting for this week since I first saw that the application process would begin on September 5th.  Trying not to overthink it, I decided to wait until mid-way through the process and then submit my application.

Today was the day!  I logged in this morning and mentally prepared myself to give no more then 1 hour for the process.  I’ve heard rumors that up to 10,000 people apply each year and didn’t want to invest too much time into it to only be crushed if I didn’t make it through.  The questions were a lot easier then I was expecting and the only struggle I found as keep each answer under 100 words.  100 words!  I can use that up in just an introduction!

When I began planning our first Walt Disney Resort vacation, two years ago, I became obsessed.  There’s so many options and things to consider that my research lasted hours a week (sometimes a day!) until I really felt that I understood the inside and outs of each of the various resorts and parks.  The perks of each resort, the tricks to getting the best table service reservation and the in and outs of having the least amount of wait times per ride, I figured out it all.  Over the past two years I’ve happily planned several friends Disney trips, pulling out calendars and spreadsheets to help them pick the best days for each park, giving them tips for getting into and through the parks and making sure that the vacations were amazing.  I even spent two weeks waking up at 6am each day to try to get a reservation at a very hard to get restaurant for my friends daughter (I did it!).  I’ve often have people suggest I should go into Disney Trip planning as a career, but quickly shoot down that suggestion that I love it so much I’d never want to get paid for it because then it becomes a job!  Being a Disney Panel Mom would just give me an excuse for continuously researching and keeping up to date on Disney news.

The thank you trip that they give to you and your family?  Just a perk!  Now excuse me while I head back to the Disney World site and plan yet another make believe vacation for my family!



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