side table refinishing

Okay, I’m going to admit, after my success in furniture painting with my back porch and my entry way cabinet, I’ve started looking around my house trying to figure out what to work on next.

A few months ago I had decided that it was time to update our bedroom.  I’ve never been one to put a lot of effort or cost into my bedroom as it’s just never seemed necessary.  A bedroom is a place to sleep, not entertain.  However, now that we live in a bungalow, I’ve started thinking more about how our bedroom looks, especially when I don’t remember to shut the door before company comes over.

The change in thinking started when I found our headboard.  Fabric covered and rivet filled, it was lovely and definitely an inspiration for wanting to have the rest of the room match it’s prettiness.   I started looking around and realized that none of our bedroom furniture matched, but with a little DIY, that could all change.  I set my eyes first on my side table as it seemed the most easiest choice for painting.

Boy, was I wrong.

I’ve had this piece for 14 years.  It’s lovely on it’s own, but I wanted my bedroom to be light and airy and this dark wood just no longer cut it.


I decided to use two colours, white for the bottom and grey for the top.  I gave the entire piece a good sanding because there were years of built of wax all over it.  After sanding, I wiped it all down to make sure it was clean and got to work.  I started with a sponge brush but ended up using a soft bristled small paint brush.  I began with using Americana, Multi-Surface Satin in Cotton Ball on the base, but it quickly became apparent that this paint just wasn’t going to cut it.

Three coats in, I was starting to regret ever beginning this piece at all.


I decided to leave the base for a while and started to work on the top of the table.  I switched to Americana Satin Enamels in Grey Taupe and went back to my sponge brush for application.  I found I had the same problem with covering as I had on the base.  It just wasn’t covering well and was streaking.


I’m not sure what went wrong, if I should have sanded the piece even better or maybe chose a different type of paint.  But I decided I just needed to plow through this piece to get it finished and switched up the base paint to chalk paint.  Chalk paint has a great reputation for covering quickly and easily so I crossed my fingers and hoped it would work.  I ended up using Americana Chalky paint in Everlasting and was happy to see that it was doing  a much better job covering it up.  The top I ended up lightly sanding and repainting a few times before I finally felt like it was covered well.  Finally, I topped the piece with several coats of Americana decor Satin Varnish.

In the end, this piece was a pain and took way to long to finish.  But, after putting it back into my bedroom and seeing how lovely it looked, it made it all worthwhile.


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