Jellybean house mailbox

I love the Jellybean row houses in Newfoundland.  The colours, the shapes, everything about them appeal to me.  A few years ago I noticed someone in my neighborhood had a jellybean row house mailbox and I’ve wanted one ever since.  I’ve kept my eyes out at craft sales, but never found one.  I searched online and found some beautiful crafted mailboxes, but they’re all more then what I’d be willing to spend on a mailbox.

A couple of months ago I started to think about how I could make my own jellybean mailbox.  I love crafting but wasn’t sure if I had the skill or patience to take on this project.   I found a simple black metal mailbox at Home Depot for less then $17.00 and decided to give it a shot. A quick trip to the craft shop and $15.00 on paint later, I was ready to start.

I decided on five colours and played with the paint bottle arrangement until I found the colour scheme I wanted


I began my painting the front of the mailbox white.  I wanted a nice clean slate and was worried that the paint wouldn’t cover over the black well.


Next, I used painters tape and taped off areas so that it was broken down into five paint-able sections.  I forgot to take a picture of this step, but I painted three of the sections first, then once fully dried I taped up those sections and painted the remaining two.   It ended up taking a couple of coats of paint each colour in order to get a nice cleat coating of paint.

I was worried about how I would paint the windows and doors as I don’t have a steady hand and am not the greatest at painting or drawing straight lines.  I dug through my craft cupboard and found little square tiles that I could use as a guide.  I lined up seven, two for a door and five for windows, and using a fine tipped sharpie, outlined the tiles.  After I outlined each section/house, I used a fine paintbrush and carefully painted the insides of all the squares.

I struggled with outlining the black windows and doors, but found an oil based sharpie white paint pen at the crafting store.  Of course I had a coupon, so it cost only $4.00.  Using a ruler as a guide, I traced the shape of the doors and windows with the white sharpie paint pen.   I varnished the front with four coats of leftover Americana varnish in matte and was very happy with the results.

After spending only $36.00 in supplies, I finally ended up with the Jellybean Row house mailbox I wanted.


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