Address sign, diy

The jellybean mailbox I had made had been sitting on my front table for a few weeks before we finally hung it up outside. Mostly, the delay was because I hated our number sign and didn’t want to hang up the mailbox without a new one, but wasn’t sure if I wanted to attempt to make a sign or just buy one. After searching online and checking out a few big box stores for ideas, I stumbled across some MDF numbers at Walmart for less then $2.00 each and decided, of course I would just make my own.

I started with finding a scrap piece of wood in our basement, cutting it down to size and sanding the corners and edges to give it a softer, less severe look. I also pre-drilled the holes for screwing the sign to the wall.

Bonus of keeping leftover scraps of wood from basement renovations, instant and free crafting supplies!

I couldn’t decide if I wanted black on white or white on black, so I tested out both to see which I preferred. I dug into my existing paint supply and pulled out some black and white paints and got to work.

In the end, white on black won out. Next, I gave the base a few thorough coats of black acrylic paint and painted each of the numbers in a chalky finish.

I found some leftover gorilla glue from a previous project and decided to use it to attach the numbers to the sign. DIY tip, when you use gorilla glue, trust the instructions when it says to just use a small amount. If you ignore this tip and generously apply the glue, this is what happens:

Gorilla glue mishap. You really do only need a little!

I may have shed a tear as I scrapped away the excess glue and had to do a little bit of retouch with the paint to fix it up, but in the end I was still happy with the look.

I gave the entire sign, front to back, four coats of waterproof varnish as the sign would be outside and I wanted to make sure there was a good moisture barrier, especially with using MDF numbers. In the end, the entire project cost less then $10.00 because other then the numbers I bought, everything else was made using existing supplies we had in the house. I’m so happy with the way our front entrance way looks now.

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